SiB Water Detection

Your Sentinel Against Water Damage


Water damage - it's the invisible adversary that lurks behind walls, under floors, and within ceilings. Left undetected, it can wreak havoc, leaving behind a trail of expensive repairs, potential health risks, and countless insurance hassles. Enter the SiB (Smart Internet Button) paired with a cutting-edge water leak detection sensor: your first line of defense against costly water-induced catastrophes.


Imagine you're away on a family vacation, and back home, a pipe bursts or your washing machine malfunctions, causing water to seep into your living spaces. Such unexpected water incidents can quickly escalate, damaging precious belongings, weakening the structure of your home, and even fostering harmful mold growth. The aftermath? Costly repairs, potential health risks, and the distress of seeing cherished possessions ruined.

But what if you could be alerted the instant a water leak started?

Enter the SiB (Smart Internet Button) paired with our specialized water leak detection sensor: your home's personal sentry against water-related misadventures.

Immediate Alerts The SiB springs into action the moment water touches the sensor, sending an instantaneous alert right to your smartphone. So, even if you're miles away, you're always in the know and can take immediate action.

Cost-Effective Protection For a modest $36 investment, the SiB and its water leak sensor partner shield your home from potential damage that could run into thousands. Protecting your home and valuables has never been so affordable.

Hassle-Free Monitoring With its minimal power consumption, the SiB remains on vigilant watch for several years without the need for frequent battery replacements.

Stay Updated with Regular Checks Choose from daily, weekly, or monthly health updates, and the SiB ensures you're consistently informed about its operational status. It's like having a trusted guard who always checks in.

Flexible Installation Whether it's the bathroom prone to faucet leaks, the basement where water may pool, or the laundry room with its water-centric appliances, the SiB and its water leak sensor fit seamlessly, ready to stand guard.

Your home is more than just a building; it's a trove of memories, a haven of comfort, and a space that mirrors your life's journey. Don't let unexpected water incidents catch you off-guard. With the SiB, ensure your abode remains dry, safe, and always protected.


In the business realm, even a minor hiccup can ripple into significant setbacks. A water leak, often deemed a trivial issue, can quickly escalate into a costly crisis, damaging vital equipment, halting operations, and tarnishing your reputation with clients and partners. Whether it's a burst pipe in the restroom or a leaky roof after a storm, water damage in business premises can translate into lost revenue, data breaches, and unwarranted downtime.

But what if you could have a sentry in place, alerting you at the first sign of water intrusion?

Introducing the SiB (Smart Internet Button) combined with our state-of-the-art water leak detection sensor: a vigilant shield against unforeseen water calamities that threaten your business continuity.

Proactive Detection The SiB system acts promptly the moment it detects moisture, sending real-time alerts directly to your devices. This enables immediate intervention, averting potential damage and subsequent losses.

Cost-Effective Business Intelligence For an investment of just $36, the SiB with its leak detection partner offers protection that can save your business thousands, if not more, by averting damage to equipment, infrastructure, and inventory.

Reliable and Long-lasting Designed for longevity, the SiB's efficient power design ensures round-the-clock monitoring for years, minimizing maintenance and battery replacement concerns.

Stay Ahead with Regular Health Updates Opt for daily, weekly, or monthly system check-ins, and the SiB diligently reports its status. It's akin to having a dedicated security personnel who never fails to keep you informed.

Versatility for Various Business Settings From office spaces with crucial data servers, warehouses storing valuable stock, to commercial kitchens and workshops, the SiB and its water detection ally seamlessly fit into varied business environments, always on the lookout for potential threats.

In business, time is money, and disruptions are costly. A water leak, often underestimated, can be a lurking liability. Equip your business with the SiB's vigilant monitoring, and ensure that your operations remain smooth, efficient, and water-hassle free.

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