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Introducing the SiB

What is the SiB?

The SiB™ is a small, ring-box sized self-powered, wireless Internet-connected button. Paired with our SiMP™ Messaging App, this little device can be programmed to do almost anything! The goal of the SiB™ is to create an ecosystem of sensors to fulfill everyday needs at an affordable price, with the least necessary technical knowledge required to setup. The app is free and there are no monthly fees!


The SiB™ powers on and runs a program of your choice when the button is pressed. In addition, the SiB™ can run long-running, or scheduled tasks, such as checking a sensor regularly. The SiB™ communicates with you through our messaging app SiMP™; you receive messages from your SiB™, and you send messages to your SiB™.

On it's own, the SiB™ is capable of sending instant messages, sending urgent messages (played with a louder 'alarm' volume), measuring the temperature, detecting the presence or absence of a nearby magnet (magnetic alarm), providing multi-colored light, performing timed tasks, detecting nearby WiFi routers, and detecting button press sequences (like "double-click") to perform different actions.

The SiB's™ battery can last over 4500 button-presses! For the average user, that's years of use out of a single SiB™.

The SiB™ is configured through SiMP™, which provides a list of predefined, simple programs that you can install with a simple press of your SiB™. However, the SiB™ can also be programmed, using simple commands sent from SiMP™, to do any combination of all of the SiB's™ capabilities. The possibilities are endless! To download SiMP, click here.

SiB Highlights

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