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Support for http POST commands
Jan 15th, 2023 at 1:19am
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I have many IoT buttons from different vendors, and the main thing I use them for is to interface with my home automation system or other real-world internet assets. The primary interface is with http/s "POST" commands. For example, I can connect to a server and send data in the POST to turn on a light.

I'd like to request a POST command be put on the list for future FW support. I can see it operate something like this:
POST "var1=value&var2=value"
where the items in the 3rd argument are passed as data in the POST operation (subject to the normal SiB variable substitutions of course)

Right now, the SiB buttons are limited for my use, since they currently can just do notifications to my phone, and not so much for triggering any actions in the real world.

Thanks - Steven
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